Vinyl Vent Pumpkins

Dryer Vent Installation Fox Valley:  It seems like I learn something new with each dryer vent installation job.  Mostly, it revolves around how to most efficiently install dryer venting or how to solve a difficult venting issue.  I enjoy the challenge with the difficult dryer vent systems while I also welcome the easier jobs.  I strive to recognize every opportunity to educate my customers so I was honored to do a job at Living Tree Estates in Greenville, WI.  Living Tree Estates is a nursing home facility with a very cozy, home-like feel.  I noticed the family environment immediately as I entered the facility and saw the happy residents and friendly staff.

Living Tree Estates has two residential style dryers, both of which are vented straight through the roof.  All materials used were up to code; however, the transitions hooked up to the wall went into a rectangular ductwork that ran up the walls until it transitioned to 4” round in the attic area.  The transitions were restricting air flow at the wall connection and both dryer vent runs were 80 percent blocked.  I proceeded to clean the dryer vent while I thought about how I could reconnect a transition to promote maximum airflow.  I remembered what the Wizard, Lavalle of Charlotte NC used once during my training.  This was the perfect application for a Dryer Dock Quick Connect in combination with Semi-Rigid pipe.  This transition created the best connection at the wall while allowing adequate airflow up the rectangular dryer duct work while taking up less space behind the dryer.

While I cleaned up and packed my equipment I spoke to one of the staff members.  She said she wanted to show me something.  Low and behold she showed me what one of the residents was making out of dryer venting.  It was a very cute pumpkin made of flexible corrugated plastic venting material.  I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to educate a customer so I pointed out that this type of material should never be used for dryer venting.  We enjoyed a nice conversation about dryer fire safety and the need to spread the word about the danger of using flexible material for dryer vents. 

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the artwork and offering to provide all the flexible venting they needed to make pumpkins.  I wonder what they will do with all he dryer vent lint that comes with this flexible dryer venting material.  This gives me an idea to write another article!  Click Recycling Dryer Lint to learn some great uses for dryer lint.

This article was written by Robb Vandenberg, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard in Northeast Wisconsin.  Robb Vandenberg provides dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation services for residential and commercial users of clothes dryers, homeowners, condo owners and associations, apartment buildings and multi-unit homes, landlords and property managers, hair salons, pet groomers, doctors’ offices and anyone who operates a clothes dryer.

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