Dryer Vent Cleaning Fox Valley – Recycling Dryer Lint

Dryer Vent Cleaning Fox Valley: Dryer vent cleaning gets the lint out to eliminate a serious fire hazard. Dryer lint is highly combustible and it provides the necessary fuel to feed a rapidly spreading fire.

Clean the lint filter every time you do a load of laundry, but be aware that the filter only traps 60% of the lint removed from tumbling laundry. Annual dryer vent cleaning is recommended to promote maximum airflow needed to keep your dryer operating safely and efficiently.

Dryer lint is dangerous as long as it lurks in your dryer vent system; however, it does have value. Here are several suggestions for recycling dryer lint:

Fire starter: We know it causes dryer fires, so why not put it to use for a more beneficial fire? Use lint to start fires in the fire-pit outside, the grill, the fire place or wood burning stove.

Artwork: Mix it with water to form a paste; shape it and paint it when it dries. This gives the children something different to do when inclement weather keeps them cooped up inside.

Stuffing: Use for pillows or stuffed animals

Nature lovers can put the dryer lint in a mesh bag and hang it outside near a bird feeder. Birds will use the lint for nesting material. Squirrels, mice and other small animals will also put it to good use.

Green technology and green living are signs of the times as more and more people become aware of the need to preserve our precious resources and protect the planet.

Putting the dryer lint to good use is a green idea. An even better green idea is to use a clothes line some of the time. No one expects you to give up the convenience of your clothes dryer all together; however, you can reduce your energy consumption just by line-drying things like sheets and towels. Some people use their dryer just long enough to reduce wrinkles and then they finish drying on the clothes line.

This article was written by Robb Vandenberg, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard in Northeast Wisconsin. Robb Vandenberg provides dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation services for residential and commercial users of clothes dryers, homeowners, condo owners and associations, apartment buildings and multi-unit homes, landlords and property managers, hair salons, pet groomers, doctors’ offices and anyone who operates a clothes dryer.

PS: What kind of dryer vent system do you have? If you are using the flexible foil or corrugated vinyl dryer ducts then the Wizard would love the opportunity to do a complete inspection and explain why this can be a serious dryer fire hazard. The good news is that like dryer lint, the vinyl venting can be put to a better use by the creative recycler. Read Vinyl Vent Pumpkins to learn more.

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